Construction and Demolition (C & D) debris Credit


LOS ANGELES CA 90012-2597

Dear Councilmember Cardenas,

The City always needs more revenue sources. Construction and demolition (C & D) debris account for a large bulk of landfill use, but proven landfill diversion technologies can prevent 75% or more of the C & D debris from entering the waste stream.

Please start a city program that encourages C & D debris diversion and recycling in the residential areas. Currently only private haulers participate in such activities, but I feel it is in Los Angeles City’s best interest to guarantee compliance with AB 939 (California Solid Waste Management Act of 1989) and offer this removal service to its citizens. Too often private companies and haulers drop off C & D debris at the landfill, without going to the recycling centers.

Presently, neighboring cities require proof of C & D diversion compliance with cash deposits collected in advance, and only through written documentation from a certified hauler after a project concludes can the fee be refunded, proving that at least 50% to 60% of C & D debris has not entered the waste stream, but gets diverted to other uses.

I would prefer to pay the hundreds of dollars to the City, instead of a private company that has no accountability.

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