Lighting Vendors (Luminaires)

Lighting Fixture or Luminaires Vendors
With the advent of new lamp technology, a lagging industry is the lighting fixture or luminaire industry. Many people think they can replace an incandescent lamp with a halogen or fluorescent lamp using the same luminaire. What happens is the light dynamics are altered, i.e. the position of the bulb is higher or light concentration is diminished or removed. This is only a very temporary solution, because the person who installs the retrofit lamps is not satisfied with the results, and switched back to the older inefficient lamping technology.

A more satisfying arrangement, when financially feasible, is to replace the entire luminaire when moving to more efficient lighting. Several manufactures offer luminaires, but most are of the commercial supermarket or office lighting variety. But then there are a few lighting manufacturers who’s primary business is elegant lighting, to rival the top vendors of halogen based luminaires.

Visa Lighting
By far the best selection of pendant, sconces, wall, and ceiling mounted compact fluorescent lighting, each of there products are architectural statements on there own.

One of the largest vendors in the world, Lightolier offers a wide selection of energy efficient lighting under several brands. It’s parent company Genlite produces industrial lighting, decorative lighting, and recessed lighting.

Cooper Lighting
Cooper offers a wide selection of luminaires spanning all applications.

A multinational home furnishing store, IKEA has a wondrous selection of luminaires and lamps for the entire home. They stock hard to find lamps for every use. IKEA also offers a mail order catalog.

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