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There are many gaps in the storytelling of the dark green micro home addition. As history is revised, it’s also best to start fresh, and today is a good time to start. The foundation waterproofing system from Epro is finally in place, along with the removal of the last concrete form board. The first floor is secure with 4×10 sill plates, and the backfilling has begun. After a few hours of moving earth, I remembered a needed to research an acceptable thermal barrier for my mini-basement, or crawlspace.

Typically crawlspace construction is vented to the outside, separating the living space from the condition space above. I am trying the sealed crawlspace technology, which make the space more a basement, which then requires 1/2″ gypsum board or equivalent to protect the structure from fire. Usually a foundation wall might have an ignition barrier, but I need either gypsum or a portland cement barrier for protection. I considered for a few hours a EIFS but they are too labor intensive for an area that should not see much moisture or weather events. I decided on a stucco parge coating.

I looked up the inventory and pricing at the local home store, and going premixed or component (plastic cement and plaster sand) came out nearly the same price. I headed over to Lowe’s in Pacoima, but they could not find an entire pallet of 80 lbs Quikrete Scratch and Brown Base Coat, so I had to go the Burbank location. The order desk closed at 6:00 PM, and it was already 6:20 PM, so I headed over with my item numbers to customer service. The process took too long, as one of the perquisites of using a Lowe’s Commercial Account is considerable discount in home delivery, which they did not now about. I had to get a manager’s approval. Instead of the usual $79 fee, it drops to $20 an order. If one is a member of NAHB, that delivery price is zero! I did not get home until 7:40 PM, but I did have time to sign up for the Lowe’s affinity card, called myLowes, which will help track my purchases.

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