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Reader Q & A
Question: I am entertaining some major renovations to my home and would like to work with a green architect and builder. How would I find a list of architects and builders that are knowledgeable and willing to build green?

Answer: Congratulations that you are willing to remodel using resource and energy efficient techniques. Green building is at a point where education is king, and you are on your way, by reading various resources on the web, to steer any contractor and architect to think green. In order to find a contractor willing to work with you there are three basic steps you can take:

  1. Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA)
    There may be a member of the EEBA in your area to personally guide you through the remodeling process. They have a “Master Builder” certification in resource and energy efficient construction.
  2. National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)
    There may be a member of NARI in your area to personally guide you through the remodeling process. They have a “Certified Remodeler” designation and may be aware of green building.
  3. Using sites like and others can guide you in asking for building products and techniques for green construction. Ask your contractor to look over the various sites to learn what green building means.

Looking for something in particular? Try the Search page. Through the internet, Green Building Concepts knows no geographic boundary. If you need assistance in a building project specifying products and techniques from North America to Antarctica, from Africa to Asia to Australia, Green Building Concepts can help.

Green Building Concepts provides quick background guides to many housing systems and energy alternatives.

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