More Questions on Rosales Premier Estimate

I’ve reviewed the language in the PBS estimate, and would like a few more clarifications and answers to questions.

  1. I’ve been trying to duplicate the numbers for panel square footage (wall, roof, floor) and can’t seem to get within 20% of the numbers. Does Premier use actual panel size or a fixed panel size (4 x 8, 4 x 12, 4 x 16, etc.) and charge for bulk materials? Will the PBS estimate change markedly after the shop drawings are completed?
  2. There is no mention of electrical chases in the PBS estimate. Are the custom chases in the roof and some wall panels included in the PBS estimate?
  3. I see there is a line item for a spray foam gun and cans. Who is the manufacturer of these products? This project is an attempt at a LEED qualified addition, even though LEED-H is not currently viable for remodeling. I know the mastic is a premier product, but how about the spray foam?
  4. It was not evident in the plans, but I should have requested the roof panels plumb cut at the eaves. According to the estimate, roof panels at the ridge are square cut with a ridge cap at 5:12 pitch. Does this then require a field modification to get the one side 5:12 pitch roof to match the 4:12 pitch other side?

I look forward to your answers and suggestions.

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