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Today I got the estimate on the home addition. It falls within 10% of what I was expecting. The house is going to weigh 10,036 pounds, requiring one flatbed truck. The total project is around 400 sq. ft, so it will cost $52 or so per square foot. A typical custom addition costs $150 to $400 per square foot, so we are saving a lot.

I wrote a letter back to Premier:

Thank you for the detailed estimate. It is within the project budget. I’ll review the estimate this weekend and set up the initial shop drawing stage of the order next week. I have a few corrections and questions to the estimate and my account:

The purchaser information has the incorrect city
The project information has the wrong city and zip code. I’ll give you a mobile number I will use at the jobsite too.

My additional questions:

1. What forms of payment does Premier accept (VISA, Discover Card, direct money transfer, check, etc.)?
2. may I e-mail over the signed PBS estimate as a PDF? Or would you like it faxed over?
3. After the shop drawing stage, do I then take those to my LA Building and Safety Department to issue a permit?
4. Jumping into the future: on delivery will I be responsible to offload the panels at the jobsite from the flatbed truck (requiring the use of major material handling equipment)?
5. Do I need to provide all dimensional lumber for window and door openings, top plates, and bottom plate? That is fine since I am planning on using a engineered dimensional lumber from iLevel treated with borates.
6. I forgot to ask if you need a schedule of finishes for the project? Basically the walls will be covered in 1/2 inch gypsum panel, exterior clad in a rainscreen cement board, and roof with metal shingles. I can send you a complete list if it is required.

Let me know if you need to resend the PBS estimate with the corrections noted above. I am excited to finally build this SIP project. Thank you.

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