Patio Removal Begins Soon

The remodeling project begins with the removal of the patio. I’ve ordered the hard hats, ear protection, respiratory protection, and tools to remove the patio walls and surrounding concrete. I don’t know when I will order the inert materials recycling bin, but it may be that I first break up the concrete, and then load the bin over two days.

Mom would like your participation, if you are willing to get into the dirty and somewhat hard labor of demo. I expect to reduce all parts to no more than 25 lbs for my own health. I’ve order a high powered and low vibration pavement breaker. You can rent a similar tool, but the one you can buy has more vibration protection (more comfortable to use), so it was $600 more, but I think a good investment in health. The last vibration tool I used, my hands hurt for four days.

I was going to order the tool on Monday, but there was a freight discrepancy, so last night the price dropped by $70, so I decided to order. It’s coming from a company in Las Vegas, so it should be here soon.

Demolition should begin either late this week or early next week. Please send your schedule so I can prepare for your arrival.

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