Serious Windows and Doors Bid Letter

When a budget is no object, why not price out the most energy efficient North American windows?

In my next project, I am specifying either the 725 or 925 SeriousWindows along with EcoRock. My second choice in materials had been Marvin Integrity Windows and GP DensArmor Plus wall panels. It seems that your products are in demand across the nation, so I don’t know your lead times. From the PDF information on the site, the products look great, but I need the technical information to introduce these products to by building team. Here are some of my questions:

1. I am interested in casement and awning style windows. I have two project in development. A single family structural insulated panel (SIP) addition in North Hollywood, CA (20 windows) and a energy retrofit (2×4 stucco construction) in Lancaster, CA (15 windows). From the public information, it seems that every product is a one off custom fit, but does Serious Windows make standard sizes? If so, I need the specifications sheet with Rough Opening dimensions, NFRC measurements, Egress measurements, factory mullion combinations, and hardware and screen options.

2. Lead Times. I anticipate the SIP project to get going in October 2009, but construction documents and permits finished almost immediately. The retrofit is in development for a late 2009 start.

3. Do you sell your windows directly or through local distributors? Who is my distributor for both Serious Windows and EcoRock?

I will put together my order to the best of my ability and get it to you, and if the Serious Windows products fall within my budget, we’ll go ahead and schedule a meeting to see the products. I hope to get you a list of windows by next week. We’ll work from there. Thank you.”

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