Vacupor Availability in North America

Several insulation materials on their way to affordability are coming to market slowly: Aerogels and vacuum panels. If I could afford such materials, it would make building much more efficient for the smallest wall thickness.

“With much interest I have been following the Passiv Haus advancements along with Solar Decathlon home entries in Washington DC, and both of these projects share in common the use of Porextherm Vacupor NT-B2 VIP products. In my next project I would like to use your VIP panels, but do not know if there are any distributors in the North American area?

My next project would require 150 square meters of 25 mm thickness VIP to cover the exterior walls of a small two story residence. I have seen the Porextherm panels in use at the Waldsee BioHaus in Minnesota, and as their concern is low winter temperatures, In the deserts of the Los Angeles area, where temperature are regularly 46 degrees C for months, we need to manage cooling instead of heating, at a similar temperature differential.

Any information you can give me in ordering products, finding a distributor, or arranging direct importation for the manufacturing facility, I would be greatly appreciative. My project begins construction this autumn 2008, so I have three months to acquire the VIP materials.

I am building a residential addition in the city of Los Angeles (LADBS), where they have rigorous building and safety regulations. For any building product, LADBS usually requires an ICC report, commonly referred to as LARR (Los Angeles Research Report). Have you had success in the introduction and installation of these products in Los Angeles?”

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