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As we move into a “green washing” phase as the impulse to record petroleum, natural gas, and other carbon sources, It’s important to know who is delivering information that you can trust. I regularly review blogs and websites, and some of the info is complete hyperbole and misleading statements. For example, in California there has been a concerted effort to install residential solar on a million roofs.

Go Solar CA

For a normal household this investment would take over 30 years to recover, if it ever does. I don’t get the return on investment that such an altruistic investment makes for the climate change impact.

My slant on green building lies in total conservation and energy efficiency to reduce fuel use. If you could live inside a thermos, you would use less electricity and less heating resources. I have the European sensibility that we need to cut back on use, not reward energy efficiency alone. Here are some publication that I recommend you look to for your green building, green remodeling, and green buying.

Environmental Design + Construction
Sustainable Home
Roofing Contractor
Walls & Ceilings

I’ve chosen these magazines since they offer free downloadable issues and have good advertisers and tips.

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