Low Voltage Wiring

The City Building Inspector only cared about the high voltage AC of my project. When I mentioned I wanted to intsall HDMI, speaker wire, 1GbE wire, and RG6 coax cable, he said do it, but it would not require inspection. I plan to work with a system integrator to complete this part of the project.

I am laying the groundwork for the next 10-20 years of audio enjoyment. I been around the country becoming my own system integrator. I am the lead owner-builder on the project, doing most of work via subcontractors or personally. I am also the architect, specifying almost every product.

My hope is the integrate all these products into a cohesive unity of lovely symbiosis.

Current Displays
Sony Playstation 3D Display
HP Elite L2201x
Lenovo ThinkVision L220X CCFL LCD Display

Aspirational Displays Computer
Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display
Dual LG 34UM95-P Displays

Aspirational Displays Entertainment
Active 3D 55”-65″ 4K LED LCD with Localized Dimming
Sony XBR-65X950B
Sony XBR-55X850A
Sony XBR-55HX950

Blu-Ray Player
Sony 3D Wi-Fi BDP-BX58

DVD Recorder
Toshiba DVD Recorder

Color Calibration
X-Rite ColorMunki Display

Left Ear Fidelity
Phonak ComPilot
Phonak Brio R-312RT

Sony Pulse Elite Wireless Headset

Current Receiver Portfolio
Denon AVR-610
Nakamichi AV-3s
Nakamichi TA-1A
Nakamichi AV-10
Yamaha neoHD YMC-500

Aspirational Receiver Requirements
HD Radio Built-In
Dolby Atmos Built-In
Bluetooth to connect with Phonak System

Aspirational Receiver
Yamaha RX-A800
Yamaha RX-A1030
Yamaha RX-A1040
Yamaha RX-A2030
Yamaha RX-A2040
Yamaha RX-A1000, RX-A1010, RX-A1020, RX-A2000, RX-A2010, RX-A2020, RX-A3000, RX-A3010

Current Home Theater PC
Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 Windows Media Center
Lenovo Q190 Windows Media Center
Six network available ATSC HDHomeRun tuners

Current Speaker sets
B&W DM 310 Stereo Set
Vandersteen 2Ce Stereo Set
JBL Studio 180 4 Channel Set
JBL Studio 120C Center Channel

Aspirational Loudspeakers/Subs
Genelec G Series
Harman Revel Performa3 Stereo Set
Vandersteen Model 3A Signature
JBL Studio 1 SUB150P

1GbE Wired Network
TrippLite SmartPro 750VA rack mount line interactive sine wave UPS
Netgear ProSafe 24-port 1GbE smart switch GS724T

Belden 1309A Building Speaker Wire
Belden CAT5e, RG6 COAX, and 1GbE patch cable
monoprice.com Additional Interconnects

Current Control/Automation/Monitoring
ThinkEco Modlet System

Aspirational Control/Automation/Monitoring
Control 4
WattStopper Miro
Legrand Adorne
elgato eve
elgato avea

Typical Resellers